April 22, 2011

Apple Vs. Samsung

  Apple Inc. has revolutionized the form and functions of smartphone with iPhone first launched in 2007. In that year, Steve Jobs introduced to the world a smartphone that has left the need for hardware buttons. The screen size of 3.5 "and only one home button on the front, making the iconic smartphone designs. Not to mention the user interface is simple, as well as eye-catching.

  Apple Inc. said the typical design of iPhone has been copied by manufacturers of electronic devices from South Korea, Samsung, through its Galaxy line of smartphones. In terms of hardware design to the Galaxy software is very similar to the iPhone. For example, Samsung Galaxy S is equipped with a screen 4 ", the home button, and two other buttons on the front. Although it has a larger screen size and has two more buttons, grooves on the side of the smartphone that one is very similar to the grooves on iPhone. Icons of applications and user interfaces that are served the same features.

  Similarities between the iPhone and the Galaxy line of smartphones is not taken lightly by the Apple Inc. They demanded the Samsung with the alleged breach of patent and trademark rights. The demand was filed Friday in District Court of Northern California. Apple Inc. said that the Samsung device design similarity, to the application icon and penjualanya box, the iPhone is not a coincidence. Responding to these demands, the Samsung says it will deal with it in accordance with applicable legal procedures to protect their intellectual property. Apart from the Galaxy line of smartphones, Apple Inc. also requires Samsung to design their tablets, Galaxy Tab.

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