April 14, 2011

Facebook Launches 'Data Center' Project which "Green"

  As the largest social media in the world today, Facebook is quickly plunged into the movement of "green". In early 2010, they announced the creation of data centers in Oregon, United States. However, there is an error from this plan which succeeded in making nature-loving groups like Greenpeace to feel upset. Facebook will use electricity generated by burning coal to turn the data center. While coal is the dirtiest fuel and one of the biggest causes of global warming in the world. Greenpeace launched the movement "Unfriend Coal" to help up to switch to greener energy sources.

  Responding to these movements, Facebook launched the Open Compute Project (OCP), a special project which has been developed over the past 18 months. Through this project, Facebook claims that their data centers will reduce energy use up to 38% compared with the other data centers. The result of these energy savings can turn on more than 100 thousand homes. Graham Weston, chairman provider Rackspace data center, adds information that the OCP can save the cost of energy expenditure by company amounted to U.S. $ 6 million to $ 10 million annually. To encourage other companies to use a greener data center, up willing to share the secret behind this OCP designs to other companies.

  Casey Harrell, a member of Greenpeace, said that up must reduce greenhouse gas emissions generated if a company wants to be truly "green". To do that, Facebook must use cleaner energy sources and abandon the use of coal and nuclear power. By saving energy use which large enough, of course, the launch of OCP is a step which can be happy Greenpeace.

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