April 08, 2011

Buffalo DriveStation AV: Can be Used For PS3

  External hard disks manufactured today have a variety of features. One is the feature that makes transferring data at a much faster USB 2.0. This has always offered by Buffalo as the manufacturer of external hard disk. Product code HD-AVU2 has the name Buffalo DriveStation AV.

  The shape is certainly different from most external hard disk. In DriveStation AV, looks similar to a HTPC or a Digital TV set-top box. Buffalo emphasize one important thing through this product, DriveStation AV you can use directly on the PlayStation 3!

  At first we thought to carry the name of AV, an external hard disk has multiple interfaces. It turned out that our expectations are wrong. Buffalo DriveStation On the back side, just found a USB 2.0 interface only.

  Crystal Disk Mark
  At CDM, we can see that TurboPC very influential when writing data into this external hard disk. The largest increase occurred when writing files randomly with a small scale. This you can see in the chart above.

  Test Transfer Data
  In his real world test, it is evident that Buffalo is a manufacturer of external hard disk drive with high speed, after paired TurboCopy and TurboPC. When writing data to an external hard disk, you can view the comparison chart above.


  External hard drive fast? Buffalo is the answer! Each external hard disk that come to the table JagatReview testing, the product of Buffalo has always had high performance, although only equipped with USB 2.0 technology only. AV DriveStation necessarily inherit the same advantages. Performance if it does not have TurboCopy and TurboPC will work like an external hard disk USB 2.0 in general. However, if the device is equipped with TurboPC and TurboCopy, direct performance increase (the result can you see from the graph above).

  Speaking of performance, for those of you who do not have USB 3.0, you can choose Buffalo DriveStation AV as an alternative. This product works better than an external hard disk available in the market in general. On average, the products on the market as long as it can not run faster because of the bottleneck of the USB 2.0 itself.

  Hard disk is suitable for everyone. It is perhaps a bit tedious is TurboCopy and TurboPC must be installed on each system that wants improved performance when using the Buffalo. When used in the PlayStation 3, of course TurboCopy and TurboPC could not be used because it is only capable of operating on the Windows operating system.

  • TurboPC and TurboCopy
  • Compatible with PS3
  • Without Turbo facilities, small data write performance long enough.

Technical Data

  • Produsen
  • Info
  • Price
  • Dimensions
174 x 158 x 45 mm
  • Weight (empty)
1,4 kg
  • Interface
USB 2.0

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