April 08, 2011

Intel Xeon Processors Series Latest Release

  Two Intel Xeon processor series, which is E3 and E7, has officially launched. The second series is a new line of Xeon processors from Intel that is intended for two different needs. E3 Series is for entry-level computer class servers and workstations, while the E7 series will fill the market need for Enterprise Data Center. Intel implements several additional features in Xeon E3 and E7, such as power management capabilities for more efficient and AES-NI instructions for encryption acceleration.

  Wednesday (6 / 4) yesterday, in the office IndoPacific Edelman, Nick Knupffer, Marketing Programs Manager Intel APAC Data Centre Group, said that the Xeon series E3 and E7 has advantages over its predecessor in the form of higher performance and lower power consumption. Knupffer also asserted that the two latest Xeon series processors will be supported by big players in the computer industry and communications. Some new names joining including Cray supercomputer and Huawei.

  As many as 6 up to 10 cores embedded in each of the Intel Xeon processor E7 series made ​​with 32 nm fabrication process, coupled with hyperthreading technology, which expanded the number of logical threads as much as two times the number of physical cores. Series processor codenamed "Westmere-EX" It has TDP rating of 95, 105, and 130 watts, and comes with a memory chip buffering Millbrook 2 in the mainboard. Supported memory capacity to 2 TB. List of available models can be seen in the table below.

  E3 Series are built on a similar architecture with Sandy Bidge series processors in the the desktop market has graphics integrated on-CPU. According Knupffer, E3 Xeon processor series will be accompanied by a new mainboard with Intel chipset C200. To distinguish the series desktop, integrated graphics at E3 Xeon processor optimized for the use of workstations. DDR3 ECC memory support is also added. Xeon models are available E3 series can be seen from the table below.

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