April 19, 2011

HP TouchSmart 610: AIO PC that can be tilted Up to 60 Degrees

  This product appears unique because it features reclining capability up to 60 degrees. When we tried to adjust the angle to the maximum extent, we really find comfort in accordance with the promised by HP.

  HP TouchSmart 610 has a screen size of 23 inches. In addition to tilted backward by 60 degrees, you can advance the monitor is up to 5 degrees.

Monitor this device can be tilted backwards by 60 degrees.

  The 'All-in-one PC' does have a religious function. Some users claim to use the product in the kitchen. In addition to browsing at leisure, they many find recipes on the Internet to be practiced directly on the spot. Recognizing this, the HP TouchSmart 610 complete with recipe book application. The application is called HP Recipe Book.

  You can also purchase applications through the TouchSmart Apps Center. You can obtain a variety of exclusive applications from HP via this online store. HP Recipe Book which has been mentioned above can also be downloaded via the TouchSmart Apps Center.

  HP does not play in setting up sound system TouchSmart 610. They are arming these products with the speakers that rely on technology Beats Audio. One of the people who designed this technology is Dr. Dre.

  You are a big fan of the game? Apparently HP also provides a real-time strategy game from Ubisoft, Ruse, for free on the device.

  To obtain these products, you have to prepare money for US$1400.

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