April 13, 2011

Vinux, Linux OS for Visually Impaired


  You would have known 'Linux OS' well, maybe even have long used it as an alternative to Microsoft's Windows operating system. Well, it turns out not only the sighted people who are interested in using Linux, but also visually impaired computer users want to taste it Pinguin OS logo.

  During this time, visual impairment can operating Windows-based computers with screen readers how to install the application, the function to change the text that appears on the monitor to output sound. However, the price of the screen reader itself quite expensive, about $ 800 to $ 1200.

  Actually, Microsoft has buried a simple screen reader called Narrator in operations, and already there are several licensed open source screen reader that can be used free of charge. However, the performance of screen readers are not as good as the commercial version, so not all the activities associated with computers can be run by the visual impairment.

  Another obstacle that arises is when trying to install the Windows operating system. Given a new sound card drivers may be installed and running once Windows is installed wrong, automated voice function will not be active during the installation process. This means that visual impairment can not install Windows OS on their own in the event of damage to the OS or when they want to install Windows on new computers.

  Based on the few examples above, it is necessary to the existence of alternative operating systems and screen readers are cheap and economical without compromising performance and computing experience of the blind.

  One solution is to utilize the Linux distribution, because many distro that can be used free of charge, and the screen reader was developed for Linux can be used without the need to pay.

  So, it is necessary for us to choose the right Linux distro for the visual impairment, because of the many distro that have not all can be used by the visual impairment.

  Well, in the first part of this article, the author presents information about one of the Linux distribution designed specifically for computer users visual impairment.

  Vinux, is modification of Ubuntu distro for visual impairment or people who suffer from impaired vision.

  In the Vinux there is a 'screen readers' open source that can convert text into sound, so that reading is in Vinux can be heard and understood by the visual impairment. In addition there are also applications magnifying glass for those who still can use their vision and want to operating Vinux by raising appearance.

  Why Vinux?

  • Automatic: Vinux can immediately run through the boot CD / DVD or Flash Drive without the need to be installed into your hard disk, so visual impairment do not have bothered to do a real Linux installation requires extra knowledge.
  • Ready to wear: Vinux has supported hundreds of brand sound card, so that screen readers will automatically run when booting. In addition, Vinux also has supported Braille display device, namely a monitor that will display Braille that can be touched, so the information displayed Vinux can be issued by the Braille display and can be directly touched by the visual impairment.
  • Easy and up to date: For those visual impairment who want to taste Linux, Vinux could be a good learning medium, because it supports a GUI (Graphical User Interface) and the same core as Ubuntu, so that the visual impairment will get the almost the same computing experience with Windows desktop, or they who use Ubuntu. In addition, this modified version is not too complicated and easy to navigate.

Well, before the start, we have prepared everything. 

  1. First, prepare the specification PC can already run Ubuntu. Then, open the internet and do the next step.
  2. Next, open www.vinuxproject.org Learn the ins and outs of Vinux as needed, then go to the Download page and select the desired version.
  3. There, the available version of Live for CD (default), or a DVD (containing more programs). I suggest to download the USB version, because it does not need to burn to CD / DVD and can be directly copied to the flash disk. But if you want to continue to try out a version of the CD / DVD, it is advisable to wear a nice piece and burn with low speed.
  4. Then, prepare a blank CD or DVD if you want to burn Vinux and make a Live CD / DVD boot, or a minimum of 1GB flash disk size. The authors suggest to use 4GB flash disk to store additional data during the operation Vinux.
  5. If so, please extract the downloaded file and read the instructions that have been included. Follow the steps provided, and be sure to explore once again the site Vinux provider if there are those who have not understood or understood. 

  If compared with Ubuntu, there are many applications that are not included since these applications can not be accessed by screen readers. However, distributors Vinux has provided much more accessible replacement applications, such as an HTML editor, word processor, download manager, network manager, FTP client, and much more.

URL: http://loserba.blogspot.com/2011/04/vinux-linux-os-for-visually-impaired.html

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