May 11, 2011

Newest Games 'Dragon Ball' in 2011


Dragon Ball is already touching the gaming industry since the industry started to grow, from two-dimensional visualization display to a full three-dimensional. From the simple to the battle system that requires a combination of movement difficult. Although most of it fighting genre, Dragon Ball was once present in unique genres such as adventure and RPG. Namco Bandai become the exclusive publisher of all existing game Dragon Ball.

Latest Project Dragon Ball games are scheduled to be released in autumn 2011 it was not explained in detail. Site Namco Bandai has just released a little teaser via his official website. The project, called Dragon Ball Age Project 2011 will make more gamers to experience a more intense fighting in the scope of three-dimensional. One is quite tempting, Namco Bandai also said that this game will be close to "reality", makes the gamer feel the characters they use in more depth.

As a fan of fighting series Dragon Ball, I do not think there will be many changes to fight the system. But I am quite looking forward to fight the effects of a much more powerful and brutal than the previous series. Perhaps the opportunity to destroy the moon or the earth at once?


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