April 15, 2011

'Nintendo' Will be Lowering 'Wii' Prices?

  There was a time when the Nintendo Wii game console market control. With the present style of playing video games are completely different from its competitors, Wii sales figures increase. This game consoles to attract gamers with a broader age range than the other consoles. In fact, the style of the game that offered successfully to change the perspective of many people on video games. However, with appearance of 'PlayStation Move' and 'Xbox Kinect', Nintendo Wii's success began to fade.

  Following the decline in sales numbers, Nintendo will decrease the price 'Wii console' to U.S. $ 150 in mid-May. This step is necessary to take the Nintendo to remain competitive with 'Xbox Kinect' and 'PlayStation Move'. With the presence of the Move and Kinect, console video games with motion control is not longer the exclusive play Nintendo land.

  At the end of March 2011, 35 million Nintendo Wii units sold in the United States. However, this figure does not mask the fact that Nintendo's profit decreased by 46% at the end of 2010. Followed by sales of Xbox Kinect speed, prestige Nintendo Wii along with a number penjualanannya began to sink. This sales numbers decline is only fitting given the console will be stepping on the age of 5 in this year. If this price decline actually occurred, could rival the greatness of Nintendo's Wii Xbox Kinect?

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