April 15, 2011

FinePix Z900EXR : Beautiful Camera suitable for Low Lighting

  Continuing the success Z800EXR, Fujifilm announced their latest pocket camera, Fujifilm FinePix Z900EXR. 'Slim' and covered with striking colors make this camera attractive to the fashionista. However, the beauty of the design is not the only selling points of this camera. Features and technology that is hidden in it too will attract fans of the camera point-and-shoot. One of them offered a resolution lens, that is 16 megapixels. Coupled with the EXR-CMOS sensor, this camera can produce quality photos in all situations, including in poor lighting conditions.

  EXR-CMOS sensor combines of two latest technologies Fujifilm, that is censorship Back Side Illuminated (BSI) and the 'triple-layer EXR array'. Unlike ordinary pocket camera sensor, BSI maximize the level of light entering into the sensor, so photos taken in poor lighting conditions can produce quality pictures. While the triple-layer array EXR will maximize image quality with composition and color contrast is high, so that photos can be printed to A3 size directly from the camera.

  'Fujifilm' claims that with camera Z900EXR, users do not have to worry anymore if you want to take photos of moving subjects at high speed. Through the super-fast capture feature, this camera can take photos and record video up to 3fps with a speed of 320fps. The camera is also equipped with Pro Low Light feature which again ensures the perfection of the captured images in poor lighting conditions. In addition, there are features of Pro Focus which helps produce images with a background of blurry and full focus turned to the subject chosen.

  Such as 'pocket camera' of today, Fujifilm FinePix Z900EXR can record Full HD video with 1080p quality. Equipped with the latest 'Pixel Fusion Movie', the number of pixels in the image multiplied so that it can be used in poor lighting conditions. The results recorded with this camera is stored in the H.264 format to minimize memory usage.

  Fujifilm FinePix Camera Z900EXR equipped with multi-touch LCD screen 3.5 "460k pixel resolution that increase beauty body design. This screen allows you to view the photos and video with zoom and shrink the image method is similar with iPhone. If users want to share with friends and family, Fujifilm has equipped this camera with mini HDMI output so that the images and videos can be watched via HD television.

  'Fujifilm FinePix Z900EXR' will be sold in the market at a price US $ 279.95, May 2011. Fujifilm provides three choices of beautiful colors, Brilliant Black, Gloss Red, and Royal Blue.

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