April 22, 2011

Honeycomb Performance is doubtful


  Latest tablet made ​​by Motorola, Xoom, is expected to deliver a tight competition for the king tablet, Apple iPad2. Moreover, Motorola Xoom is the first tablet is equipped with Honeycomb 3.0 Android operating system. However, it is unfortunate tablet manages to present the experience is not consistent with the expectations of users.

  Behind the design is beautiful, long-lasting battery power, as well as a charming hardware specifications, some users expressed some concerns regarding body weight Motorola Xoom. Not to mention the high prices are set by Motorola for this beloved tablet. However, not only that which makes Xoom iPad2 unsuccessful rival. The main problems are on the operating system used.

  Honeycomb is the Android operating system designed specifically for the tablet. The first device using the operating system is the Motorola Xoom. Many found some weaknesses in their use, such as operating system and application performance in it are unstable. This adversely affects the sales of Motorola Xoom who only managed to reach 100 thousand units sold since its launch in early February.

  Weaknesses Android 3.0 operating system led to the decision from some producers to mengundur launch their Honeycomb-based tablet. ASUS is rumored to be launching mengundur Transformer Pad tablet Eee 16GB version until later this month and the 32GB version will follow in the next month. HTC also delay the release tablets Flyer.

  It is expected that with the resignation date of this release, tablet-based next Honeycomb will be presenting a more perfect performance. However, can the ranks of Honeycomb-based tablets to beat iPad 2, such as Android beat the IOS on the smartphone market?

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