April 30, 2011

Withings: Measuring Blood Pressure Using iOS Devices


  Apple's mobile operating system iOS always manages to present applications that are more than just entertain. Applications that help users in the world of education, entertainment, aviation, medicine continues until served. Neither the application that was designed by Withings to help users perform blood pressure measurement.

  Application called Withings Blood Pressure Monitor this requires additional accessories that resemble conventional blood pressure measuring device. These gauges are connected to the iOS device (either iPhone, iPod Touch, and IPAD). Then, the user is wrapped in the arms and follow the instructions that are exposed on the device display. Results of measurement of blood pressure and heart rate users will be displayed on the screen in seconds.

  Results of blood pressure measurement in applications Withings Blood Pressure Monitor can be uploaded into Google Health to open a broader analytical methods. In addition, through Google Health users can obtain guidance and health standards comparison based on WHO data. Through this application, users can easily monitor blood pressure daily. By doing so, this application also helps each user in control of food consumed. Applications and blood pressure gauges Withings sold for US$198.

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