April 09, 2011

Meal Snap - Calorie Counting Magic

  Many people think of calories as the enemy. Gain weight and become a source of various diseases is the main reason. Funny thing is, this is not always successfully strengthen their resistance to the temptation to eat high-calorie foods. Moreover, few of them really pay attention and keep any food that goes into his body. The reason is simple, the audience-calorie foods are lazy, no time, or do not know how to calculate estimates of the calories contained in their food.

  Now, already present an application called MealSnap. Applications are available at Apple App Store for iPhone will help the user to calculate the number of calories in their diet. Users only need to take photos of food and this application will provide the estimated number of calories in it. The accuracy of this application in calculating the amount of calories has not been established. However, simply knowing a rough idea of the amount of calories we consume every day would not a bad thing.

  MealSnap applications sold on Apple's App Store for U.S. $ 2.99. This application can be used as weapons for the office worker who just busy at the computer and do not have time to exercise. With this application, taking photos of food is no longer a user's activities to share photos via Twitter, but to keep the amount of food consumed

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