April 14, 2011

XBOX 'New Generation' Coming in 2015

  Have you ever been faced with a problem like this: You want to buy a console, but the product was already released in a long time. Of course you're thinking, what if one or two years after we bought it, it turns out the developers decided to release a new variant that much better? It turned out that these problems exist in the minds of all people who want to buy a console. If today you choose to buy the XBOX 360, then you can breathe a little sigh of relief. Rumors are circulating stating that the console will still be alive for four years in the future!

  Rumour are circulating after 'website portfolio' of Ben Peterson, a leading designer, showed footage of 'new generation XBOX' which is being developed. The picture gives an account of Microsoft's efforts to approach the design group IEB (Interactive Entertainment Business), in providing a more complete picture about the experience of playing and the hardware that will be presented in 2015. Peterson gave the name 'portfolio title' such as Microsoft XBOX.

  Not sure if this is the first valid information about the development of next-generation consoles. I had absolutely no idea what kind of technology would be presented in the next 4 years, is still pursuing graphic quality problem or we will jump into the competition to show the ability to create the most unique playing experiences? Whatever it is, certainly for those who are interested in purchasing a next-gen consoles, especially the XBOX 360, still has time expired to 4 years into the future. Four years is enough time to enjoy high quality games. Do not hesitate!

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