April 08, 2011

OlivePad V-T100 Tablet : Tablet Android with High Optimizing


  There have been many tablets with Android operating system that circulated in Indonesia. But, the tablets are many dont have a complete feature. In fact, there are many tablets are only imitating the design without including the important features in the tablet. Features such as GPS, Accelerometer, Capacitive Screen with multitouch, and the other is quite important. This of course makes the function of a tablet is not optimal.

  This time, I will discuss about the Android-based tablet, OlivePad with V-T100 series.The tablet is used by 7-inch screen with 800 x 480 resolution. Unlike other tablets,OlivePad has a complete feature (including a feature that we have mentioned above).Moreover, OlivePad able to make a phone call, just like mobile phones in general. It could be said that OlivePad is a combination of tablets and smartphones.

  OlivePad MSM7227 600 MHz processor from Qualcomm. Video graphics using Adreno 200. For RAM and ROM, amount both 512 MB​​. Because using the Android Froyo 2.2, all installed applications and games that can be transferred to your memory card that have been included as a bonus in the sales package.

  Operating system from Google is now widely used is Froyo Android or Android 2.2. Several tests have been done stating that Android Froyo have increased performance up to two times compared with the previous operating system. Therefore, OlivePad a tablet that works with a very responsive.

  For the homescreen, OlivePad has a five-homescreen that has been decorated with various widgets. On the left there is an additional sidebar that has four icons. Globe icon indicates a picture that was created bookmarks so you can browse the website has been bookmarked with just one touch. Graphical icons indicate the film roll CDs and multimedia functions, both for audio and video. Illustrated book is a shortcut icon for the document. Finally, an envelope icon image is certain to deal with all kinds of your messaging needs, ranging from e-mail, SMS, through RSS.

  On the right side there are three buttons. The top button will take you to open the Android browser to surf the Internet. The middle button is menu button. If you press this button, the main menu Android application will open as shown below. The third button is a button to call.
  Capacitive Multitouch: Responsive

  OlivePad already using capacitive touch screen which means the response to touch is based on electromagnetic fields that touch (not pressure). Some tablets and smartphones are now in circulation are also many types of capacitive screens wear, but are not optimized with multitouch facilities. OlivePad not forget to include these facilities, making it a tablet that can be seeded.

  In some tablets, usually users often find difficult to shift the menu because the screen is not responsive. Sometimes, users feel the gap between the slide hand with the displacement animation on screen. For some users, this is quite annoying. On this tablet, the user can slide, pressing several times quickly, and shift with two fingers without any pause. This makes users easily can type with a soft keyboard on the screen OlivePad.

  Multimedia Features

  In addition to displaying images, OlivePad also capable of playing music and video. OlivePad supported music files are MP3, OGG, and MP4. For Video, OlivePad can run 3GP and MP4 files properly. With dimensions of 7 inches, of course, would make a great OlivePad portable multimedia player.


  Do you often get lost on the road? Maybe OlivePad can help you. The tablet is equipped with integrated GPS module and supports all the mapping software. One of the popular mapping software is a Google Map. The image below was taken during use OlivePad in the room. The tablet can capture GPS signals properly. OlivePad also suitable for use when you're driving.

  Tethering and Mobile Access Point

  Many gadgets are not able to share internet connection with other gadgets. Android Powered Froyo, WiFi module in OlivePad able to serve as a mobile hotspot that can be shared with gadgets and other smartphones, including Blackberry. This is very useful when you're traveling with colleagues and relatives who have smartphones and tablets.

  Android Market

One weapon in selling the Android operating system is the availability of applications. Therefore, Google released the Android Market. Not all tablets with the Android operating system is equipped with the Android Market. OlivePad course, already equipped with the Android Market. In fact, this tablet always perform the update automatically every time the latest version of Android Market.

  600 MHz System Optimization: Very Comfortable!

  Processors that use a tablet can affect the responsiveness of the system. Some users of 600 MHz processor still has lag when operated. Unlike OlivePad. When used, it turns out OlivePad very comfortable to use. This feels when you open the application, move the menu, typing on the soft keyboard, and others. This is because the successful optimization of the technicians OlivePad.
  In playing games, Adreno 200 from Qualcomm that is placed in OlivePad help boost performance. For example, game 'Angry Bird and Ninja Kaka' is still loved up to now can walk without blamed.


  You need a tablet that has many features? OlivePad is the answer. This tablet has many features, such as GPS, GSM, Mobile HotSpot, and GMail Push. In addition, because use the Android operating system, you can install third party applications directly from the Android Market which has thousands of applications. Its size is only 7 inches fit to carry anywhere. Tablet OliverPad will increasingly look "pretty"and secure with a leather case provided for free when you purchase.

  If you bring your vehicle, be sure OlivePad accompany your journey. Someone you can watch videos and listen to music directly from OlivePad. When the need directions, Google Maps and GPS Map and dozens of other applications you can install making it easier for your trip. Currently requires Internet connection sharing, mobile hotspot facility capable of providing comfort to the people around you.

 When you need work, Documents To Go application to accompany you in typing and finish your spreadsheet. All electronic mail that you have can be directly downloaded on this tablet with push email system. When you're hard to carry a cell phone and tablet at the same time, OlivePad distill them into a single device.


ProsesorQualcomm MSM7227 ARM v6 600 MHz
Qualcomm Adreno 200
Internal Memory512 MB
Display7″ TFT Capacitive Multitouch Screen dengan resolusi 800 x 480
Picture FormatJPG, PNG, GIF, BMP
Sound FormatMP3, WAV, OGG,
Camera3 MP
InterfaceUSB 2.0, MicroSD slot
ConnectionWi-Fi (802.11 b/g), Bluetooth 2.1 EDR, GPS, GSM, GPRS, 3G
179 x 110 x 11,5 mm /375 gram (tanpa leather case)

URL: http://loserba.blogspot.com/2011/04/olivepad-v-t100-tablet-tablet-android.html

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