May 04, 2011

Finally, Playbook with BlackBerry Messenger


  Beginning launch of the BlackBerry Playbook could invite resentment some people. Because Playbook can not run a Blackberry Messenger which is a flagship application from RIM. Fortunately, it was immediately answered by the party by announcing that the RIM Blackberry Messenger has to be used in the Playbook. As we know, Playbook currently available only supports WiFi, 3G data path while still relying on the Blackberry Bridge of smartphone devices.

  Blackberry Messenger is not running in the Playbook is an application that is embedded in Playbook, but still be tethered through bluetooth so you still need a BlackBerry device to run it. That way, you have a large room to read and write messages to your relatives. The bad news, this tethered Blackberry Messenger can only be done if you use BlackBerry smartphones with OS 6.


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