May 24, 2011

Sigma SD1 : Camera with Super Large Image Resolution

Some time ago, Sigma launched a camera that will meet the needs of the lovers of large image sensors. Recently, they launched the SD1, an SLR camera that has an image resolution of 46 megapixels!

Sigma SD1 uses Foveon image sensor is 23.5 × 15.7mm APS-C X3. For engine problems, Sigma using Three-layer Responsive Ultimate Engine (True II) for this SD1 camera. With these engines, promising Sigma camera with a faster image processing.

For the problem of storage media, Sigma selecting UDMA CF card Type I. As for the ISO, the camera supports a range of speeds from 100 to 6400. To view the pictures you have taken, you can take advantage of 3-inch screen that has been supplied by Sigma.

To get the Sigma SD1, you have to spend very deep. Sigma provides a very high price tag for the product, which is Yen 700,000 or USD9700. Currently, the product was already present in Japan.

Before the cameras from Sigma was launched, there was already a camera that has a very large resolution images. The camera is made ​​with a series EOS5D Canon Mark II. The camera has an image sensor of 21 megapixels.


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