May 04, 2011

PieceOfCake : Assistant in Cooking


PieceOfCake : Assistant in Cooking

  Forgot your recipes, one of seasoning blends, ingredients that are incomplete are some examples of constraints that often occur during cooking. To help you avoid all these problems, there is an interesting freeware to your named Pieceofcake. These applications simplify your cooking activities!

  As with other similar applications, this application also offers ease of use so that users who just use this application to run it with ease. The design of this software also seems very simple. At the top there are small icons that serve to create new recipes, recipe editing, importing files, delete recipes, show pictures, search, calendar, and create shopping lists.


  Essentially, this application helps you in terms of cooking. Some basic features are available, such as handling a variety of recipes, combining cuisine with a plan that you created in the calendar, and planned spending for the next few days. In addition to the basic features offered, some extra features you can also meet in this application, such as:

  1. various recipes can be opened simultaneously in several windows;
  2. recipes can be imported from your browser;
  3. better search function;
  4. free text can be inserted into the calendar;
  5. recipe can contain multiple subgroups;
  6. shopping list can be customized with your subscription grocery store;
  7. antarunit conversion;
  8. import and export recipes are simple;
  9. import prescription can be done via the Internet or Word documents.

Support and Help

  You can download this application directly in The capacity of this file when downloaded by 8 MB​​. To be able to run this application properly, you only need free disk space of 15 MB with Windows OS 95, 98, NT, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, and 7. Choice language provided this application consists of English, German, and Swedish.

  If there are problems downloading or receipts this application, you can contact the developer with a cast-mail to When you connect directly with an internet connection, you can immediately update this application from the available menu without having to open the website first.


  Pieceofcake is an application that can help your cooking. If you are a housewife or you have a hobby cook, this lightweight application will definitely be very helpful. For a freeware, this application is classified has a feature abundant. You cook the session will never be the same again! Happy cooking!


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