July 15, 2011

Pentax Introduces 645D Special Edition

Pentax 645D was launched in early June 2010. SLR cameras are getting attention from the lovers of photography because of the amount that reaches the image sensor 40 megapixels. Apparently, the camera is very unpopular in Japan until rewarded Camera of The Year award in the event the Camera Grand Prix Japan 2011.

As word of gratitude to the awards they get, Pentax has recently announced the availability of a special edition 645D. Special edition cameras will be present in a charming red color with finishing pernisan. In addition, this special package comes with a leather strap, body cap mounted 645D Japan, center-spot-matte focusing screen DS-80, and special packaging made ​​of paulownia wood.

You liked the Pentax 645D camera this special edition? Should immediately order it to Pentax now. Pentax only sell these products in very limited quantities. In addition, you must wait four months after the initial date of booking to get this product. However, with an exclusive design and a large image sensor, it would not hurt you order this product.

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