May 07, 2011

BlackBerry with Entertainment for the Car

Playing music on your smartphone through entertainment console in the car using the AUX or USB cable connections have been normal. Similarly, connect the phone function via Bluetooth. Jaguar Land Rover (point), BlackBerry, Denso, and RealVNC to work together to deliver a technology that enables full integration of the smartphone to a car entertainment console. This technology is called "Connect and View" and was first presented at the Jaguar XJ.

"Connect and View" allows users to operate any of the content in their BlackBerry through the entertainment console in the car. Multimedia content, the phone functionality, GPS, and some specific applications can be used via a touch screen on the console entertainment. It is expected that the presence of this technology can improve safety on the smartphone when driving a car. With a bigger screen, smartphone operation became easier and more comfortable for the rider.

Group Engineering Director, Jaguar Land Rover, Bob Joyce, said that "Connect and View" will change the way their customers in using entertainment console in the car and also their smartphone. This technology is still under development and will be launched end of 2012 to the ranks of the Jaguar, Range Rover and Land Rover. "Connect and View" only allows integration with the BlackBerry device, but did not rule out a similar technology would be presented to the device or even another car.


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