May 01, 2011

G'zOne Commando : Froyo Smartphone


Casio launches Android-based smartphone, named G'zOne Commando. The name of this military nuanced actually refers to the G'zOne a resilient body. Just as the camera Exilim EX-G1, the smartphone G'zOne can survive when put in water, exposed to extreme temperatures, and various other situations that often occur in smartphones in general, such as slamming or other hard objects collide. G'zOne using the operating system Android 2.2 Froyo are coated with a user interface made ​​by Casio own.

G'zOne Commando is 3.6-inch screen is equipped with a resolution of 800 × 480 and two speakerphone on the front. With body dimensions 129.5 x 66 x 15.2 mm, the G'zOne is not designed for those who want a slim smartphone. The size is large enough compared to other Android-based smartphone donated by the military-style design and a layer of a resilient body. That way, users do not have to worry anymore with the state of its smartphone hardware that can survive in all conditions. Case silicone or plastic that sometimes aggravate a way smartphones are not required at G'zOne Commando.

The unique design and a resilient body layer G'zOne Commando makes it ideal for travelers who enjoy activities in the wild. Applications that support any adventure activities available on the smartphone, such as compasses, pedometers, and tables of the waves. Android smartphones made ​​by Casio is sold in the U.S. for US$200, plus a special contract with the provider Verizon.


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