May 04, 2011

IBM Showcase 'Server which Inspired by Watson'


  Technology Conference & Expo 2011. In these event, IBM showed the strength of Watson, a computer system which can be winners in the quiz show Jeopardy. In addition, they also showcase products which inspired many of Watson.

  Watson is actually built using Power system 7. Under that system, IBM creating some other products. These products are single-wide IBM BladeCenter PS703 16-cores and which new 32-core, double-wide blade server PS704 IBM Blade Center, IBM Power750 Express, and IBM Power755.

  Watson's famous for being able to process millions of data in which very fast time. Server Power was indeed designed to manage the new applications which require transaction processing and large amounts of data simultaneously, while analyzing the information in realtime.

  Power System 7 also claimed to provide a level of consolidation and virtualization which very high.

  Besides showing off the ability of the system Power 7, IBM also bring some business associates. IBM Technology Conference & Expo 2011 takes place lively. It is evident from the number of visitors which reached the figure of 1000 people.


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