May 11, 2011

Diablo III Will Release External Beta Test


Gamers may already feel pessimistic about the progress shown by the Diablo III. How could I not? Blizzard itself has announced this game since long ago but if no progress and the realization of meaning. Slowly, the various screenshots and gameplay teaser was given to the public, but an opportunity to at least try to live has never been given.

For gamers who can not wait to play this game, calm down a little longer because we now only need a little more patience. Through its CEO, Mike Morhaime, Blizzard announced it would soon release an external beta test for Diablo III in the third quarter of 2011 this. This means the next few months longer, between July and September. Unfortunately, there is no clear way that is sure to enjoy this beta test. Is Blizzard going to distribute it through the battle net?

Morhaime also added that they had held an internal beta test for all branches of Blizzard last week, and Diablo III have a very positive response. Therefore, they dared to take him "out of the cage". About the release date, Mohaime not want to brag. He himself admits that the initial target of trying to be pursued is the release of this year. However, he did not want to sacrifice the quality of this game later. Blizzard would prefer (again) that would eliminate the time release.

Although no release date, an external beta test it already looks very promising. At least, gamers will have the opportunity to feel directly the quality of which would be presented Blizzard in Diablo III. Moreover, if we remember how Diablo II in the past can hypnotize at gamers since the game system is presented. I bet you that gamers will certainly not wait to get to try this game.


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