May 24, 2011

Finally, The First 'Modern Warfare Trailer 3'


Adrenaline pumping you probably already heard this news. Although it seems so small, but a small peek of what is offered by Modern Warfare 3 is already enough to make the gaming world in an uproar. The gameplay is born from the hands of developers reliably under Activision this giant flag is being eagerly awaited. Moreover, many new things that will be presented in it.

For you who do not know, Modern Warfare will present three still plot continued from MW2 with some old characters that are also presented. Call it Soap, Price, and Makarov. Several new characters are also presented. Rumors spread that we also will play a new personnel with the code name of Frost and the Sandman. The focus of the war we will move from the U.S. to the three major countries in Europe, namely Britain, Germany and France.

From the trailer, you can see yourself trying to build suspense in this MW3 Activision. Some elements of "dramatization" typical still appear in this series. The battle of the massive scale and destructive seems to be a selling points that make the gamer MW3 maintain loyalty in this game. But one thing is quite intriguing, the graphics engine seems to be presented has not changed much.

Talking MW3 means talking competitor from EA, Battlefield which is now entering the third series as well. With competition and big money behind each of the existing franchise, the two big games this competition will be interesting to observe. Moreover Battlefield 3 "looks" brings graphics quality is much better than the existing trailer than MW3. So, which one would you choose?


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