May 01, 2011

LEGO: Comic Audio Experience Using Helm


  Conventionally, helmet is designed to protect the head of bikers and drivers in case of accidents. However, a helmet that was designed by Jonathan Robson has a function that is much different, even totally unrelated to security issues. This helmet is a helmet that can read LEGO comic content to users. Unfortunately, not every comic can be read by this helmet, but only special LEGO comics.

  Designed specifically for kids, LEGO white helmet is equipped with a visor gold. Users must subscribe to Audio Comic and comic LEGO will be sent by post along with the activation code to download audio. Once downloaded, the audio files included in the next LEGO brick USB plugged into the USB slot on the back of the helmet. Users stay using LEGO helmet and audio experience comic began. On the left side of the helmet there are two buttons that allow users to switch between pages in an audio file being played.

In his childhood, LEGO helmet designer, Jonathan Robson, a customer at the LEGO Club. He stated that the helmet LEGO is dedicated as a form of gratitude to LEGO who has helped him learn to read through the magazines LEGO. This helmet is not only useful to read LEGO comic content to users, but also can be used as role-play accessories alias toys for children.


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