May 04, 2011

Vodafone UK Providing Facility for 'Taxi Payment'


  Problem of the shortage of cash in the wallet or even do not carry the same first of all is a common problem and often happens to almost everyone in the world. If this happens while you're in the cab, what would you do? Perhaps, this one technology will be a renewal of taxi payment system.

  One well-known provider in the UK, Vodafone, create a new system related to the payment of taxi. Society no longer have to carry cash set aside to pay for a taxi. Taxi users only need to type the word "taxi" complete with information on vehicle numbers and the amount to be paid. The cost of metered taxis will be charged to the user's phone bill. This facility is a form of Vodafone services to the City of London and can be used free of charge.

  "We offer a facility with a good network for London. We have made hundreds of development to increase the signal coverage and capacity created by the people of London to stay 'close 'to their friends and family", said Vodafone UK chief executive Guy Laurence. In addition to taxi payment facility via a short message, August every cab in London will be equipped with all brand cell phone charger that allows users to recharge the battery cab cell phone.

  Uniquely, the taxis on the streets of London will be repainted using the design of "union jack" complete with street names in 2000 to include the whole of London.


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