May 04, 2011

BlackBerry OS 7 Support Search Using Voice


  RIM finally launched their latest operating system, BlackBerry OS 7. They will include the latest operating systems into their two newest devices, the BlackBerry Bold 9900 and 9930. BlackBerry OS 7 is the new self will be released officially in the summer, coinciding with the launch of two devices.

  BlackBerry OS 7 was originally known as the BlackBerry OS 6.1. RIM promises so much improvement in these operating systems. Anything? Let's look at his review below.

  Will be further improved user experience on the BlackBerry OS 7. RIM promises that experience easier and quicker in the operating system.

  RIM also has increased the ability of its browser. RIM has equipped them with the latest browser Liquid Graphics, promising rendering web pages faster than previous versions. This browser is also equipped with the latest Just In Time (JIT) JavaScript is claimed to increase the load time of a web page. The browser also has support HTML5.

  For those of you BlackBerry users OS 6, must be familiar with the Universal Search feature. By using these features, you can search content on the BlackBerry device, such as music, contacts, and pictures, directly from the home page. Searching is not confined to these devices only. By default, the feature can also display search results using Google. On the BlackBerry OS 7, RIM develop this feature by providing search capabilities by using the user's voice.

  BlackBerry OS 7 is also equipped with the feature "BlackBerry Balanced". Feature can be used to separate the personal data and your business.


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