May 07, 2011

Assassin's Creed: Revelations


After a recent series of rumors about Assassin's Creed Revelations with details that are still in the clouds, a clarity now present. Through the exclusive source of information obtained from GameInformer, gamers are now able to understand the timeline that will be presented in the game that his plan will come out in 2011 this. Who are the main characters will we get? The plot, such as what would be presented?

Assassin's Creed: Assassin Creed Revelations is not a 3, so it is not surprising that the offer is still the same character. You'll play as Desmond, Altair, and Ezio in the series this time. As usual, the timeline of each of these characters will vary, but the focus remains on Ezio story that is now reportedly going to act outside of Italy. Ottoman Empire and the great city Constantinople (Turkey) will be the focus of struggle Ezio this time and the plan will be the cover story of his epic.

A variety of new weapons and equipment would be presented, so as to produce a much different game experience than the previous series. Not to mention, Revelations will immediately take the last story of the Brotherhood, to give a little clarity would be the fate of Desmond after the ending is quite shocking. Ubisoft will also bring the multiplayer experience that much better and different.

Although I myself quite disappointed that Ezio once again become the main character in this series, but at the same adrenaline pumping faster and curiosity to be playing this latest series. If this is indeed the last series Ezio, and Altair had a "chance" to take a larger proportion of the story, then the Assassin Creed: Revelations will be a very interesting game. No doubt!


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