May 04, 2011

Ubisoft Ready to Explore Film Industry


  Ubisoft announced the formation of the film division that was formed to convert their production line of video games into movies and movie series. Ubisoft is a video game developer with major works such as Assassin's Creed, Prince of Persia and Splinter Cell. All three titles have managed to become a successful video game series. In fact, in 2010, Prince of Persia was adapted by Walt Disney Studios into a movie. No half-hearted, a film produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and starring Jake Gyllenhaal is successfully earned revenues of U.S. $ 335 million.

  Following that success, Ubisoft decided to plunge straight into the world of cinema by presenting Ubisoft Motion Pictures. Through this new studio, they wanted following the success of the movie Prince of Persia to transform their video games made ​​by others. Until today, Ubisoft has been producing short films based on video game Assassin's Creed and the plan will menyusulkan movie based on the Ghost Recon series of games.

  Ubisoft movie studio reportedly will be led by Jean-Julien Baronnet who previously served as CEO at the Europa Corp., a production company owned by renowned French director, Luc Besson. While the development and production will be held by Didier Lupfer. The former head of Walt Disney Studios Motion Picture France, Jean de Rivieres, will lead the sales and marketing.

  In 2008, Ubisoft acquired Hybride, the studio that produced the special effects excellent on 300 and Watchmen movie. Equipped with experience and shrewdness Hybride studio and a successful line of video games, Ubisoft seems to be successfully explore the world of film. How do you think? Ubisoft video game production you want to see on the big screen or as a movie series?


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