May 11, 2011

Review Netbook Asus VX6 Lamborghini


Some time ago, Asus launches a netbook called VX6 Lamborghini. You wonder why Asus add-frills word "Lamborghini" at the end of this series? Apparently Asus is working with the Italian automotive manufacturer to design this netbook. Actually, the number of notebook manufacturers are working with automotive manufacturers can still be counted on the fingers. However, if the two companies work together, surely they can produce a product other than normal, like this Lamborghini VX6.

Asus VX6  Lamborghini comes in the form of charming. This product is designed specifically with forms that adopt or incorporate elements of the famous Lamborghini car. The side of this netbook uses aluminum finishing doff. Not only found at the side of the course, this alumium line connects to the inside with the power button and express gate on the left and right. Finishing makes this netbook looks very solid. Asus VX6 offered in black and white with piano finishing. In addition, the symbol of the pride of the Lamborghini, the Bull of gold, also appear to adorn this product. If seen at a glance, this netbook product is very similar to the super car.

A netbook products are usually equipped with a screen size of 10 inches. However, Asus VX6 Lamborghini is trying to be different by using a screen measuring 12 inches. The screen has a resolution of 1366 × 768, of course, can increase the value of ergonomic screen so your eyes will become more comfortable when using this netbook. Netbook Asus Lamborghini VX6 using D525 with an Intel Atom 1.8GHz speed and 3GB of DDR3 memory as the main engine of this device. Data storage capacity provided relatively large for a netbook, 320GB hard disk ready to use for storing your files in this netbook.

Express gate is also available in this netbook Asus VX6 Lamborghini. To activate this feature you can just press the power button located on the left above the keyboard. Express gate is an operating system that can be used in a matter of under 5 seconds. In the feature, you can do various things, such as browsing, viewing pictures, listening to songs, and so forth. His ability is limited, but when you are pressed for time and must immediately check your e-mail, then the feature is very helpful in Expess Gate.

Use of the Atom processor is equipped with NVIDIA Ion making Asus decided to give a very complete connectivity ports (for a netbook) in VX6 Lamborghini. This netbook is equipped with USB3.0 port in blue to distinguish it with another USB port and comes with an HDMI port. Both these ports you can use to change Asus VX6 Lamborghini become a mini media player products.

Chicklet keyboard model.

The inside of this netbook is not less interesting to the outside. Part hand rest use a combination black finish and aluminum doff doff at the top that also serves as a speaker and power button. When we look at the touchpad, we feel the form is slightly different from similar products. With the aluminum that surrounds it, form a touch pad looks like a vent on the front of the Lamborghini car bumper! Keyboard Asus VX6 Lamborghini very convenient to use because it feels soft, as well as the function of the left and right click buttons. You do not need hands are too powerful to suppress.


SysMark 2007

Performance of the Atom processor in this product are not much different from our usual type of processors found in netbooks. Results you can definitely see in the chart above. With these results in fact we still do not recommend using this netbook out of context, namely for computing activities by using the application that does not demand high performance. Although AX6 Lamborghini just entering the netbook class, with the use of Ion Asus NVIDIA VX6 can run the movie with full HD1080P with a good resolution.

MobileMark 2007

Survival of this netbook also includes good, Asus VX6 lasted 272 minutes, equivalent to 4 hours with the battery of 5200mAh. In fact, we expect more, but with the use of NVIDIA Ion seems so difficult to achieve.


Use NVIDIA Ion, making the process of transcoding HD movies to various resolutions to walk fast enough compared to a netbook without NVIDIA Ion. Proved that NVIDIA CUDA can run to complete the task this transcoding.

NVIDIA Performance Ion

Ion NVIDIA graphics performance that is used does not allow this notebook to play 3D games well. Based on the results of benchmark 3D Mark 2006, under number 3000, is seen clearly if there are graphics that can not be used to play 3D games with FPS above 30, even with the lowest settings and resolution though. However, arcade games can still run well.


For you fans of the world's automotive and technology, the Asus VX6 Lamborghini seems to reflect your interest in both worlds. We must recognize that the breakthrough made ​​by Asus in creating this product other than in the other. Netbook will also have more value in the presence of USB3.0 and HDMI port. In fact, we expect these mobile devices use processors more powerful and muscular so it can run applications smoothly middle to upper super car like a Lamborghini like when you press the gas pedal until they run out on the freeway.

  • USB3.0 and HDMI port.
  • Design charming.
  • Screen 12 ".

  • Graphics are embedded less able to play 3D games.


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