May 04, 2011

Bing will be Present On BlackBerry Devices


  Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, announced a deal with RIM on BlackBerry World event 2011. In this partnership, Microsoft will deliver Bing services into the BlackBerry device. That way, all BlackBerry smartphones and tablet Playbook will be equipped with search and map services Bing. This service will come in the form of applications that can be operated on all BlackBerry devices as well as integration with the operating system on the latest BlackBerry devices.

  About two years ago, Microsoft created the Bing that offers a search service that is targeted to be the toughest rival of Google. However, because the search service on a computer has been dominated by Google, Microsoft tried to crawl into the world of smartphones and tablets. With Windows 7 Phone smartphone platform and cooperation with several mobile device manufacturers, like Motorola and Nokia, land Bing service campaign also expanded.

  Google has succeeded in presenting the world's largest search service with around 3 billion searches conducted every day. Until now, it's still difficult to separate the name of Google with the search process. Even the term "Google it!"often diumbar if any friends and relatives who have questions or interest in the news. Could Microsoft's cooperation with the BlackBerry and other manufacturers may alter these terms to "Bing it!"?


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