May 07, 2011

Motorola ATRIX With Fingerprint Recognition System


The variation of functions offered by smartphones has enabled users to combine social life, entertainment, and work into a mobile device. Along with the many functions that are used, the amount and type of data stored on the smartphone is greatly increased, from personal data such as contact information to corporate data. Smartphone security was a concern. Various anti-virus software developers began to offer a solution to protection against malware and other cyber attacks. However, what if the danger comes from the people around you who just borrow and peek inside the contents of your smartphone?

During this time, the use of passwords has become a way out to avoid people who are not responsible for accessing sensitive data on your smartphone. In fact, passwords are still easy to guess and burglarized. Motorola presents fingerprint identification function on smartphones ATRIX. In early usage, the owner ATRIX must touch the screen a few times for existing software on the phones "can build a data owner's fingerprint. For subsequent use, the owners only need to press the power button and instantly read ATRIX fingerprints. If the owner in accordance with fingerprints, the use ATRIX can proceed.

Motorola ATRIX smartphone is claimed as the strongest current. Equipped with 2.2 Froyo Android operating system, capacitive touch screen measuring 4 ", and dual-core processor, the smartphone is not only a great performance by itself. However, by using a few accessories, ATRIX can be used like a laptop and media center HD quality. Coupled with the security system that uses fingerprint recognition system, Motorola smartphones ATRIX could have become the strongest and safest on the market.


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