May 11, 2011

Kill Osama via 'Video Game'


The death of Osama Bin Laden, leader of the radical Al-Qaeda network, has become the focus of world attention during the past week. How not, the person is regarded as the most responsible for the majority of acts of terrorism in this world finally overpowered after search efforts for years. The war waged on the ground Afghanistan, casualties, and material losses in the amount of super big happens one person only to find it.

Sudden attack Americans in Abbottabad, Pakistan indeed save a million mysteries. Osama's corpse which was never published, helicopter technology that reportedly are stealth assailants, and "ignorance" of the existence of Osama Pakistan became headlines in the mass media around the world. But did you know that you also memilliki opportunity to become part of one of the largest military operation of Navy Seals this? Of course not directly, but the video games offer the possibility of it through a little creativity.

Kuma War is the first to bring this phenomenon. As an online FPS game that focuses on re-creation of major military operations in the world, Kuma War brings the mission to kill Osama in Abbottabad as one of the new mission has to offer. You are also asked to search for all material relating to intelligence that Al-Qaeda from the mission. It looks really simple, but you can catch Osama figure clearly enough presented.

Phenomenal world FPS game, Counter-Strike is also trying to present these events are real to the gamer. Through Counter Strike: Source, a free map by capturing the atmosphere of Abbottbad presented in detail. Is unclear whether you'll find a character or NPC with Osama-like face in it. You can play the mission hostage and bomb in this area.

Despite the different opinions that may occur when looking at the role of Al-Qaeda and the United States that may be pushed from a variety of classes, games like this, of course, comes without any bad intentions. Just trying to catch one of the most important events in 2011 this or just want to provide experiences that may be felt in video games only. The other reason? Popularity.


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